I realized last week that I have almost no summer clothing to wear so I started browsing Loft.com, which is one of my go to places to shop for casual, stylish clothes that are pretty affordable.

I pretty much only order once a year because I always swear I’ll never do it again.  Here’s why: LOFT has one of the worst in-store return processes ever and they take about a quarter century to actually ship you the clothes.


Every time I’ve had to return something to LOFT, the associates seem to take it personally that I’m bringing it back.  I once even had one of them laugh in my face because it was outside the return period.  Rude.

Their process is also mindblowingly slow.  I’m so used to going to Target or Nordstrom and having them scan the receipt and then scanning the item and then the return is done!  At LOFT, they have to key in about 1000 things and manually find the item on the packing slip.  Its funny because the packing slip has a barcode.  Why it isn’t used… I’ll never know.


I made my order on Thursday, May 15th at 9:30pm.  I ordered 7 items and opted for standard shipping which has a delivery window of 8 (EIGHT!!!!) business days after order.  I wonder if they are using the pony express to deliver.  (Even the pony express only took 10 days from coast to coast…).

On May 16th, 4 items shipped and were delivered May 22nd.

On May 17th, 1 item shipped and is still in transit with no estimated delivery date.

On May 18th, 1 item shipped and is still in transit with no estimated delivery date.

Finally on Thursday, May 22nd (a full week AFTER I placed the order), the final 1 item shipped and the item won’t be here until next Friday.  Its as if they had to sew the darn thing before they sent it out!  (And it will miss their promised delivery window…)

Yikes.  Clearly they are able to process the order quickly, given that there was a delivery sent out on the day after I made the order.  What boggles my mind is how slow they are to process and ship everything.  I definitely am spoiled by Amazon Prime’s 2 day shipping window and their quick order handling.

LOFT, I love your clothes.  But the customer service just needs to shape up.  I suppose I need to just stop shopping there since it aggravates me so much but like a drug, I just keep coming back once a year to replenish my wardrobe.  🙂

Happy Memorial Day!  Have a great long weekend.