My husband and I have decided that we will do family photos every so often now that we have a baby.  Since it is quite an investment in both time and money to have professional portraits taken, I like to plan out what we are all going to wear so that we look stylish and coordinated.

Anthropologie Rosado Sheath
Anthropologie Rosado Sheath

I found this dress on Anthropologie and I *love* how it looks on me.  I think the colors are beautiful and the cut is very flattering. I purchased it in petites and it seems to be the perfect length for my 5’0 tall frame.  Now that I have my dress, I need to figure out what to dress my husband and daughter in.

I was thinking I might put my daughter in the Little Me dress I got her at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Little Me Ponte Dress
Little Me Ponte Dress

I think the Navy color will look good against my dress, but I’m wondering if she will stand out enough? I want her to be the center of attention, not me.  I am wondering if the white and pink colorblocking will help enough?  Hmm…

I also have to figure out what to put my husband in.  I love the way Calvin Klein slim shirts look on him.  We bought him some roll-cuff ones last year and he wore those in our photos.  He suggested wearing the same one again but I think we actually need a dark blue one.

Calvin Klein Shirt
Calvin Klein End on End Slub Shirt

I am thinking something like this, but in a dark blue. I couldn’t find any on the site but I am sure if I go into the store they will have something.  As an added bonus, Macys is having a Men’s private sale in store starting Thursday with 25% off your purchase of over $100.  I am wondering if coupons will stack on top of this deal.  Macy’s doesn’t usually let you use 2 coupons, but I will ask if the 25% off the total purchase counts as a coupon or not.

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