April 2017 Update: From the comments, there have been TONS of issues with the whiteboard calendar bubbling. Since I don’t have this piece, I haven’t experienced it myself. If any of you readers would like to submit a photo so I can post it here, please send it in. I can be reached at shoppingismyworkout @ gmail dot com.  Thanks 🙂

Ok so in my last post, I detailed how I fell in love with the Pottery Barn Daily System and how it took a month for it to all arrive at my doorstep!

Pottery Barn Daily System Review
Pottery Barn Daily System

Now onto a review of the daily system itself!

First off, I love how there are so many components for various purposes.  I love that you can build something totally custom to what your needs are.

Second, I think it is generally well made.  The pieces feel solid and the paint is well done.  I’m happy with how it looks on the wall, but getting it mounted was another saga.

I had my husband help me with the whole process and we both got really frustrated with how difficult it was to mount and with how long it ended up taking.

First, we pasted the paper template to the wall where we wanted the display rod to go.  I love that Pottery Barn includes mounting templates!  (They also include them with the Gallery Wall frames which were IMMENSELY helpful!)

We made sure that the template was level, then we figured out whether or not we need to use the drywall anchors or not.  It turns out we were not going to be able to use any studs so we had to screw in the anchors first.  Next we screwed in the screws for the display rod.

Pottery Barn Daily System Mounting Bar
Pottery Barn Daily System 24″ Display Rod

We slid the linen pinboard into the rod to check it out and we came upon problem #1: the pinboard was not even CLOSE to being flush with the wall.  The display bar was ever so slightly angled and this was causing the pinboard to “kick out” about a 1/2″.  We loosened the display bar slightly and got the pinboard to hang a bit better.  You can see below, we never actually got it fully 100% flush with the wall, but its close enough.

Pottery Barn Daily System
Pottery Barn Daily System – not 100% flush with the wall

The next problem I noticed was that the pinboard was crooked–really, really crooked.  We were so confused because we had made sure that the anchors were all going into the wall in a straight line.  We checked and rechecked and couldn’t figure out what was wrong with the mounting bar.  I had a mini level (like this one) that came with a photo frame so we used that to check that the display bar was perfect.  Then we started checking the pinboard for clues.  Turns out that the pinboard’s hooks were problematic.

Pottery Barn Daily System - Pinboard
Pottery Barn Daily System – Pinboard

As you can see, the pinboard hangs on the display bar via those two hooks.  The hooks slide into the cylindrical space on the display bar.

Pottery Barn Daily System - Hinge
Pottery Barn Daily System – Display Hook

Unfortunately, pinboard’s hooks were not mounted evenly.  Fortunately though, they were screwed in and not hammered in, so they were relatively easy to adjust.  My husband made a few adjustments and we were able to make it so that the pinboard was less crooked.  Ultimately, there wasn’t enough “give” in the positioning to make it perfect but it is fairly close now.

Once we got the pinboard up, the lower letter bin and organizer were much easier.  I made the mistake of ordering 2 separate 12″ bars. I really should have ordered a single 24″ bar, but oh well, it is fine. I couldn’t figure out how to snap the “joining” piece onto the 2 half sized bars so we left that out.

Pottery Barn Daily System
Pottery Barn Daily System – Hurray! We finished!

Ultimately, the daily system ended up being ever so slightly crooked.  The pinboard hangs slightly to the left due to the unbalanced hooks.  It was a 1/4″ difference before we adjusted everything and now its closer to 1/8″.

Because the pinboard is not straight, the lower level did not align with the bottom of the pinboard.  We ended up “cheating” everything over slightly so it aligned.  If you look really closely, the components are not 100% lined up with the display bars.  We tried to make it look as straight as possible because just outside of the photo above is the end of the wall, making it really obvious that it ever so slightly crooked.

Overall, I’m fairly happy with the purchase, but I don’t know if I’d risk the marital strife and stress again!  I am a bit OCD about having everything line up and be square and it bugs me a little that it isn’t.  Hopefully once we use it for awhile I won’t notice anymore 🙂

Let me know if you have any questions about the Pottery Barn Daily System.  I’d be happy to answer!  Btw – I noticed that the daily system is on sale for 20% off and free shipping now!  Woohoo!

30 Comments on Review of the Pottery Barn Daily System

  1. Has your pin board flattened out with time? I just received mine and it’s also not flush with wall. Must be the design, but it looks bad next to the calendar that is flush.

    • No, my pin board hasn’t changed since I got it early this year. You may have one that has a manufacturing defect. I would try to order a replacement from PB to see if that one is any better.

      • I called and exchanged mine. It was because the hardware, they didn’t give me a hard time but it took another month to get the board. Also after a month the chalkboard started to bubble, so frustrating.

  2. I bought this system as my Christmas present and had to send back 2 calendars and a white board bevause they were warped and the white part was bubbling up. They were very helpful and sent new products right seat however one of the calendars and the white board were even more damaged/warped then the first order. I love this set but for the price I can’t settle for bubbled up warped calendars. Anyone else have this issue. I’m wondering if I need to just return the entire system. I wish I didn’t love it as much!

    • My first calendar bubbled and they were good about getting me a new one right away. I’ve had my second calendar a month and it is bubbled worse than the first. I’m guessing this is a common issue. I just send an email asking what to do next….we’ll see!

    • Oh gosh that is so annoying. What do you mean by “bubbled up”? Do you mean that it isn’t sitting flush with the wall?

      Try adjusting the screws that hang it from the bar.

    • Yes- I actually am on my third calendar and its warped again!!! Going to send it back like you said for the $ shouldn’t do that. When I called they acted like they never heard that happening before.

    • Mine is doing the same thing for the 2nd time, which was actually why I was googling warped PB Daily System:) I’m not sure if I am glad to hear I am not the only one or not!

  3. This exact warping happened to my calendar as well. We first thought it was because its on a perimeter wall and it is a bit colder than a non perimeter wall. We called PB, they were very nice and sent out another one. 3 days later and it’s happening again. I love the item but can’t have a warped calendar. If anyone figures out a solution, let me know. Please PB fix this and replace them!

  4. I had the same thing happen with my Pottery Barn whiteboard calendar. I returned it, and purchased a more expensive calendar but one that is much better made. The website is http://www.millcreekpress.etsy.com. And they have darling number magnets. The reviews are great too, unlike Pottery Barn, which does not allow reviews.

  5. Same thing here. On my 2nd whiteboard calendar after the first one warped/delaminated. After a few days, the 2nd one bowed out and then delaminated too. Very frustrating. Seems like a bad batch if this many people are having the same problem. About to call PB again…

  6. Thank you for posting this review…I really wish the pb website let you post reviews. We recently received our 6-piece daily system in espresso. From the pictures on the pb website, I thought the espresso color would be more of a dark, chocolate brown. Instead, the pieces (some more than others) are more of a cherry color. I am trying to figure out if I should return the system for another color. Are the frames on the white system a true white, or more of a cream color?

  7. I just wanted to thank you for posting this review, and all you other ladies for posting your comments! I have wanted this system for years (through three houses LOL). But there is NO way I am paying the kind of money they want for items that warp, are crooked etc. I have two small children and run my own very busy and stressful business. There is no way I would have the time to keep dealing with returns exchanges etc. It’s unfortunate, because I feel in general PB quality is pretty poor for the price! Thanks again, this was SOOOOOO helpful!!

  8. Hi, I wish I Would have found your review earlier when I was searching around to get info on the PB wall organizers. Luckly I only purchased one item. They say on the site they are white,they definitely are not white more of cream or ivory. I wasn’t to pleased about that. I to wish they had reviews on their site it would be very helpful. I haven’t tried hanging it up yet not sure if I should keep it or paint it white. The quaility seams good and they are nice looking but very expensive to not be the right color. I can’t bespeak for how they hang being I haven’t hung mine yet.

    • Hi everyone, I wanted to give you an up date on the one piece I purchased. I did decide to keep it. It is a good quaility. I had my husband spray paint It white and it came out perfect. It looks great. I will purchase the other pieces I want when they are on sale again and have my hubby paint those to.

  9. Thank you for the review! I was wondering how the cream color has held up so far. I prefer the cream color but I don’t know if it will show marks and stains easily. My aunt has had the PB wall organizer in black for ten years and it looks like new.

  10. Hi all, thanks for the reviews. We purchased a few of the PB organizers this fall and have the same problem with bubbling whiteboard calendar too. We are on our second which only lasted 1 month. The first lasted maybe 2 months. Has anyone gotten a whiteboard calendar that does no curl up and bubble? Wondering if we should return it. I agree that PB was very quick to send a new one with no questions asked when we first found the problem.

  11. My chalkboard and whiteboard calendar also have bubbled. I wondered if it was me as mine is next to the door that goes to the garage–but it looks like a manufacturing defect and not a placement issue. I have mailed them back once and will have to do it again 🙁

  12. I have also struggled with this system. All the white boards and calendars warp. I am on my second set and it’s starting again. It is really upsetting as we have made major wall damage setting it up and hate to have to pull it all out permanently. And none of them lie flat with the wall. I guess it is onto round three.

  13. Hi all. I am now going on my 5th whiteboard with the same issues of bubbling. I know, I’m nuts for trying again but as previous folks have commented the holes are in the walls and I’d hate to pull it out. PB customer service had no solution for it other than a credit or replacement. I just can’t believe 1. they can’t fix the issue and 2. continue to sell them. Here’s hoping they may have resolved the issue with the manufacturer.

  14. I just submitted a photo of the extensive bubbling of my calendar for use on this site if the creator wants to post it. Mine was used for a year and Pottery Barn is offering me a 20% “rebate” if I purchase a new one. Obviously, this is a known issue to them and they don’t care about keeping their customers. I’ve purchased 3 complete bedroom sets and other furniture from PB, this will likely end my relationship with them. ***If anyone knows of a source where you can get a compatible product (I can’t face dealing with the holes in the walls because we just remodeled the room), I’d appreciate a lead. Ugh.

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