Links for Lilly Pulitzer for Target are now live!  Here’s a sampling of what is out there. I think the full collection isn’t going to be released until midnight PST, however every year there are always a few things that go up early!  Hurry hurry!  I’ll keep updating as I find more links.

Update: Wow, everything sold out super fast. I was on at 10:30pm PST trying to get links to the early released items.  The Target twitter team said that everything would be released by midnight PST, but by 12:20, things were still not online.

Finally, at around 12:30 PST, the Target website and mobile website were updated and all items should have been available. I was able to find the Sea Urchin maxi dress and checked out immediately. A few minutes later, I found links for the other items I was interested in but I wasn’t able to check out and was stuck at the shopping cart page.  I was so bummed.

I woke up this morning and was able to snag 2 items for my daughter using the mobile site.  Went into the local store at around 10AM and there were 2 items left on the women’s rack, 3 items in girls, 1 in toddlers and 2 poufs and a few hammock stands in home goods.  Everything went super fast!  I had my husband check out another Target as he was coming back from another part of town and he was able to snag 3 items for our daughter.  In some parts of the country, racks were CLEARED 5 minutes after store opening!  Whoa!

I’ll probably check back on the website periodically over the next 2-3 weeks and maybe in-store, but I think I might be out of luck for the women’s items I was interested in unless I want to hit up eBay.  Congrats to everyone who was able to score what they wanted!

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