Happy Friday! I have been spending the last few days running around town looking at faucets, garage doors and vacuums.  You would think, gosh that is so boring, but actually it has been kind of fun 🙂

Yesterday, I stopped into the Miele Gallery in Bellevue and talked to the salesperson there about the differences between the vacuums.  I tried out the S2 Delphi and the S8 Calima and S8 Marin.  The differences between all of these are the body and a few of the attachments.  The Delphi and Marin both have electric brush heads (meaning there is a motor spinning the beater bar) and the Calima has only an air driven brush head.  All of them are suitable for carpet, but the Marin and Delphi are probably more efficient at picking up dirt in carpeting.

Beyond that, I didn’t really understand all the differences between the models so I have been doing some research.  I just found a great article that breaks things down into very simple terms.  Miele makes 5 different vacuums: 2 different uprights and 3 different canisters.  The 2 uprights are full size (S7000 series) and small size (Quickstep).  The 3 canisters are the S2 series, S6 series and S8 series.  Among the various vacuums in each individual series, there are various attachments that make it suitable for various floor types, such as electric brush head or air driven brush head.  However, each canister uses the same motor.

Tool Recommended for
Rug and Floor Tool Wool, high-quality area rugs and bare floors
Turbo Brush (205) (Air driven) Area rugs, looped or short pile carpet
Power Brush (217) Med pile carpet, pet hair and
Power Brush (228) High pile, thick or plush carpet, pet hair
Power Brush (236) Same as 228 w/ headlight and bumper

Once you know what kind of attachment you need, it makes it easier to narrow down among each series what vacuum you should be looking at.  The differences between the series are:

S2: Basic vacuum body with dial suction control and semi-sealed filtration

S6: Adds the following upgrades that are not available on the S2

  • Thicker plastics
  • Better fit and finish
  • Longer cord (three feet longer)
  • Upgraded floor brush (natural bristle)
  • Upgraded dusting brush (natural bristle)
  • Longer wand
  • Quieter motor
  • Crush-proof hose
  • Fully sealed filtration

S8: Adds the following upgrades that are not available on the S6

  • Rubber 3-D bumper surround
  • Toe tap suction adjustment
  • Built in accessory storage compartment
  • Fully sealed HEPA filtration standard
  • Available automatic suction control
  • Available finger-tip suction control
  • Available HEPA filter usage timer
  • Available Auto-stop tool rest

Obviously, budget will also help you decide if you get an S2, S6 or S8.  Here are the most popular models for each tool.

S2 S6 S8
Rug & Floor Tool Models Olympus ($299) Quartz ($399) Alize ($649)
Turbo Brush Models Capri ($399) Onyx ($499) Calima ($679)
Power Brush Models Delphi ($499) Topaz ($749) Kona ($899)

Since I have medium pile carpeting, I will likely want a power brush model.  I haven’t decided how much I would like to spend.  I originally didn’t want to spend that much, but I think perhaps this might be a worthwhile purchase so I think it might be a good idea to up my budget.  Right now I’m thinking of going for the Delphi or the Topaz.  I have to decide how important the fully sealed filtration is for me because that is the only thing on the S6 list that I really care about.

Do you own a Miele?  Was it a worthwhile investment?  Are your carpets cleaner than ever?


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