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Nursing Bra Reviews – Cake Lingerie Toffee, Elle MacPherson Momamia & Maternelle and Le Mystere Sexy Mama & Florence

Something that every new mom has to go through is buying a nursing bra.  It’s one of those tasks that you can’t do prior to delivery since your breast size can change dramatically once your milk comes in.

I don’t have any fit photos to share, but I do have some thoughts on a few popular nursing bras that I tried on in store.  I went to my go-to place for buying bras, which is Nordstrom, since I wanted to get fitted.  Wearing the correct size is even more imperative since a too small nursing bra can cause painful clogged ducts which could lead to a mastitis infection.  You definitely want to avoid that at all costs!

I have heard some ladies that just pull their normal bra up to nurse, but I have no idea how that is even possible!  A nursing bra is an absolute essential for me, both for holding in a nursing pad and for being able to comfortable nurse in public.

Cake ‘Toffee’ Contour Nursing Bra
Cake ‘Toffee’ Nursing Bra ($64.00)

This is the bra I would recommend to all of my friends.  I love that it provides good coverage and lift.  I wear the wired version but there is also a non-wired version for ladies who are prone to blocked ducts.  The inside of the cups is also lined with a very pretty floral fabric.

The main downside I find with this bra is that because it provides such great coverage (using a lightly padded cup), it isn’t as easy to fold down as a thinner piece of fabric (like the Elle MacPherson bra below).  However, for me, coverage is of utmost importance so this was something I could live with.

Le Mystere ‘Sexy Mamma’
Le Mystere Sexy Mama Nursing Bra ($66)

This one was a close second to the Cake Lingerie bra.  I liked the support but I felt that the cups were a little harder to fold down than the ones on the Cake bra.

Elle MacPherson ‘Momamia’ 
Elle MacPherson ‘Momamia’ ($58.00)

I didn’t find that this bra provided enough support or coverage under clothing.  It really was no better than the Lamaze sleep bra that I use at night.  I felt like I couldn’t wear this in public at all.  On the plus side, because it is so thin, the cups fold down super easily.

Elle MacPherson ‘Maternelle’
Elle MacPherson Maternelle Nursing Bra ($55)

I found that this bra was very similar to the Momamia and so the same problems of coverage and support were present.  Additionally I felt like this compressed my chest into a giant uniboob.

Le Mystere ‘Florence’
Le Mystere Florence Nursing Bra ($56)

The fit on this one wasn’t bad but the fabric just made it look super frumpy.  I vastly preferred the Cake bra to this one.  Some reviews have also indicated that the fabric stretches over time and doesn’t provide as much support once its been worn for a few times.

I hope this post has been helpful in trying to decide which nursing bra to try on or order!  The fitters at Nordstrom are also fabulous so I’d recommend going in store to get fitted for your new size as well.  

Diaper Bag Comparison Review – Kate Spade Stevie vs. StorkSak Olivia

Since I own 2 relatively popular diaper bags–the Kate Spade Stevie and the StorkSak Olivia–I wanted to highlight the differences between them.

Here’s what I regularly carry in my diaper bag.

Of course, I carry the absolute necessities like diapers and wipes, but I also carry my own essentials like my wallet, phone, sunglasses, water bottle and tissues.  The bulkiest thing in my diaper bag is my soft carrier–the Baby K’Tan.

Diaper Bag Contents
Diaper Bag Contents
  1. Purell Wipes for sanitizing surfaces like dirty high chairs or diaper changing stations
  2. Nursing Cover
  3. Aden & Anais Burpy Bib in Starlight pattern
  4. StorkSak Changing Pad – comes with the Olivia diaper bag
  5. Extra change of clothes and socks
  6. Baby K’Tan soft carrier
  7. Sophie the Giraffe — my baby’s favorite!
  8. Huggies Wipes and Aquaphor
  9. Huggies Diapers – four size 3 diapers
  10. Furla Wallet
  11. Happy Baby Squeeze Pouch
  12. Bumkins Superbib Dr. Seuss Bib
  13. CamelBak Eddy Water Bottle
  14. Babyganics Sunscreen
  15. My Sunglasses
  16. My iPhone, Keys and pouch with my allergy medicine and a tiny bottle of handcream
  17. Babyganics Hand Sanitizer and pack of tissues
  18. Bumkins Dr. Seuss Wet bag

As you can see, I have a lot of things I like to carry with me!  Here’s what it all looks like packed in each bag.

Exterior of Bags

StorkSak Olivia - Fully Packed
StorkSak Olivia – Exterior
Kate Spade Stevie - Exterior Packed
Kate Spade Stevie – Exterior

The StorkSak Olivia is pretty much bursting at the seams. The outside pockets are difficult to use at this point and I had to squish things down to zip it up.  The Kate Spade Stevie is full but not bursting.  No squishing necessary to zip the bag up.

Interior of Bags

StorkSak Olivia - Interior
StorkSak Olivia – Interior (K’tan packed on top)
StorkSak Olivia - Interior
StorkSak Olivia – Interior (K’tan removed)
Kate Spade Stevie - Interior Packed
Kate Spade Stevie – Interior Packed

The StorkSak requires the K’tan to be packed on top, so anytime I need to get anything from inside the bag, I need to remove the K’tan first before I can access anything else.  This gets a little annoying!  It also gets super full in the center part where Sophie the giraffe is.  I frequently end up unpacking the entire bag just to look for something near the bottom.

As you can see, the Kate Spade packs up everything so much nicer.  I can see everything all at a glance without having to unpack my entire bag!

One thing I will say about the StorkSak is that since there are so many more pockets, everything that has a place in a pocket is easily found.  I always know where the hand sanitizer is, because I put it in one of the end pockets.  Same with my phone because its always in the same exterior pocket.  It’s a little trickier in the Kate Spade bag because there are fewer pockets so more things go in the center.

Overall, I really like both bags.  Both of them carry a lot and I realize I may not need this much stuff with me as my baby grows into toddlerhood!  Hopefully you found this post informative in helping you decide on a bag!    Let me know if there are any questions I can help you answer.

Cute and Functional Diaper Bag Review – Storksak Olivia

As a handbag lover, I knew that I wanted to get a cute and functional diaper bag for when the baby came, since all of my new mom friends told me that I probably wouldn’t be carrying a purse for awhile since it would be too cumbersome trying to juggle both a diaper bag and a purse.

I looked into several diaper bags and I wound up buying the Storksak Olivia from Nordstrom before my little one arrived.

Storksak ‘Olivia’

Storksak Olivia Diaper Bag ($198.00)
Storksak Olivia Diaper Bag ($198.00)

What I love about the bag

The ample inside pockets!  On the inside, I love that there are elasticized pockets on both ends of the bag, as well as 2 pockets on each side of the bag.  That is 6 elasticized pockets inside which is fantastic.  There is also a zippered flat back pocket and it comes with an attached little flat pouch.  I store my diapers and wipes on one side of the bag, and on the other, I store fabric items like my nursing cover, bibs and a burpcloth. On the ends, I store hand sanitizer and a pouch of food.

Storksak Olivia - Interior
Storksak Olivia – Interior

On the outside, you can see there is a zippered front pocket (both zippers lead to the same pocket), the front pocket which has a magnetic closure, and 3 more pockets which don’t have any closures.  I store my ginormous wallet and trusty Canon Powershot S95 camera in the big zippered pocket, my phone in the magnetic pocket and on the sides I stow my water bottle, sunglasses and a big bottle of sunscreen.

I also love that there is both the top handles as well as a long adjustable shoulder strap.  This was a lifesaver when I was trying to head out the door with a giant, heavy infant bucket seat as well as my diaper bag.  I’d sling the diaper bag across my body and then hoist the bucket seat out the door.  The shoulder strap also comes in handy for hanging the bag on my stroller.

What I dislike about the bag

The first major issue I have is that once all of the interior pockets are full, the bag is FULL!  Especially since you also need to put the change mat in the center of the bag.  There is almost no space to put an extra outfit — I always end up stuffing it at the bottom of the bag.  Any toys that we want to bring end up being stuffed at the top.

In the early months, I used a Baby K’tan and it just would not fit in the diaper bag unless I really stuffed everything down.  Inevitably, I’d need something at the bottom of the bag and I’d need to pull everything out.  It was quite annoying!

Also, my phone has fallen out of the magnetic closure pocket on more than one occasion, though its my fault for not putting it in a zippered pocket.  I just wish there was a second zippered pocket on the exterior of the bag.  Between my wallet and camera, there is no more space in that big exterior zippered compartment.


I do really like this bag and I used it exclusively through my daughter’s first 11 months!  I got lots of compliments on the bag and my husband loved that it had so many pockets for organizing stuff. The adjustable shoulder strap was also a big plus.  I just wish it was a tad bit bigger so that when I had filled the interior pockets, there was still room in the center for a few items.

The bag seems well made and comes with a change mat, bottle sleeve and a flat zippered pouch.  I would recommend this bag to friends.