Month: February 2015

Nordstrom 40% off Clearance Sale – Starts February 11, 2015

I mentioned in a previous post that Nordstrom has done away with their Half-Yearly sales and will now be doing 6 sales that align with holidays (President’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s day, Labor Day, Veteran’s Day and After Christmas) in addition to their flagship Anniversary Sale in July.  I’m not sure what is happening to their designer clearance sale which has always been separate from their main Half-Yearly sales.

Nordstrom 40% off Clearance Sale
Nordstrom 40% off Clearance Sale

The first sale of the year starts February 11, 2015 and will end February 22, 2015.  I’m not sure what an “end” date is for, since Nordstrom doesn’t typically “temporarily” mark down merchandise for a sale the way Macy’s does.  Once an item is on sale at Nordstrom, it is permanently that price or further marked down until it leaves the store.

They’ve announced that the sale will be in men’s, women’s and children’s apparel departments and will have selected merchandise up to 40% off.

Review of the Pottery Barn Daily System

April 2017 Update: From the comments, there have been TONS of issues with the whiteboard calendar bubbling. Since I don’t have this piece, I haven’t experienced it myself. If any of you readers would like to submit a photo so I can post it here, please send it in. I can be reached at shoppingismyworkout @ gmail dot com.  Thanks 🙂

Ok so in my last post, I detailed how I fell in love with the Pottery Barn Daily System and how it took a month for it to all arrive at my doorstep!

Pottery Barn Daily System Review
Pottery Barn Daily System

Now onto a review of the daily system itself!

First off, I love how there are so many components for various purposes.  I love that you can build something totally custom to what your needs are.

Second, I think it is generally well made.  The pieces feel solid and the paint is well done.  I’m happy with how it looks on the wall, but getting it mounted was another saga.

I had my husband help me with the whole process and we both got really frustrated with how difficult it was to mount and with how long it ended up taking.

First, we pasted the paper template to the wall where we wanted the display rod to go.  I love that Pottery Barn includes mounting templates!  (They also include them with the Gallery Wall frames which were IMMENSELY helpful!)

We made sure that the template was level, then we figured out whether or not we need to use the drywall anchors or not.  It turns out we were not going to be able to use any studs so we had to screw in the anchors first.  Next we screwed in the screws for the display rod.

Pottery Barn Daily System Mounting Bar
Pottery Barn Daily System 24″ Display Rod

We slid the linen pinboard into the rod to check it out and we came upon problem #1: the pinboard was not even CLOSE to being flush with the wall.  The display bar was ever so slightly angled and this was causing the pinboard to “kick out” about a 1/2″.  We loosened the display bar slightly and got the pinboard to hang a bit better.  You can see below, we never actually got it fully 100% flush with the wall, but its close enough.

Pottery Barn Daily System
Pottery Barn Daily System – not 100% flush with the wall

The next problem I noticed was that the pinboard was crooked–really, really crooked.  We were so confused because we had made sure that the anchors were all going into the wall in a straight line.  We checked and rechecked and couldn’t figure out what was wrong with the mounting bar.  I had a mini level (like this one) that came with a photo frame so we used that to check that the display bar was perfect.  Then we started checking the pinboard for clues.  Turns out that the pinboard’s hooks were problematic.

Pottery Barn Daily System - Pinboard
Pottery Barn Daily System – Pinboard

As you can see, the pinboard hangs on the display bar via those two hooks.  The hooks slide into the cylindrical space on the display bar.

Pottery Barn Daily System - Hinge
Pottery Barn Daily System – Display Hook

Unfortunately, pinboard’s hooks were not mounted evenly.  Fortunately though, they were screwed in and not hammered in, so they were relatively easy to adjust.  My husband made a few adjustments and we were able to make it so that the pinboard was less crooked.  Ultimately, there wasn’t enough “give” in the positioning to make it perfect but it is fairly close now.

Once we got the pinboard up, the lower letter bin and organizer were much easier.  I made the mistake of ordering 2 separate 12″ bars. I really should have ordered a single 24″ bar, but oh well, it is fine. I couldn’t figure out how to snap the “joining” piece onto the 2 half sized bars so we left that out.

Pottery Barn Daily System
Pottery Barn Daily System – Hurray! We finished!

Ultimately, the daily system ended up being ever so slightly crooked.  The pinboard hangs slightly to the left due to the unbalanced hooks.  It was a 1/4″ difference before we adjusted everything and now its closer to 1/8″.

Because the pinboard is not straight, the lower level did not align with the bottom of the pinboard.  We ended up “cheating” everything over slightly so it aligned.  If you look really closely, the components are not 100% lined up with the display bars.  We tried to make it look as straight as possible because just outside of the photo above is the end of the wall, making it really obvious that it ever so slightly crooked.

Overall, I’m fairly happy with the purchase, but I don’t know if I’d risk the marital strife and stress again!  I am a bit OCD about having everything line up and be square and it bugs me a little that it isn’t.  Hopefully once we use it for awhile I won’t notice anymore 🙂

Let me know if you have any questions about the Pottery Barn Daily System.  I’d be happy to answer!  Btw – I noticed that the daily system is on sale for 20% off and free shipping now!  Woohoo!

My Pottery Barn Botched Order Saga

Pottery Barn Daily System
Pottery Barn Daily System

I have been drooling over the Pottery Barn Daily System as soon as I saw it at a friend’s home last October.  I asked them where they got it and they told me it was Pottery Barn, but warned me that it was not cheap.

Over the holidays I kept stalking the PB website to see if it would go on sale or not, but it never did.  However, I did see that a few times a year, they would send out 15-20% off coupons by email.  I waited and waited and eventually one came around and coincided with a free shipping coupon!  Score!  However, when I tried to add the coupons to the cart, it said only 1 coupon per transaction.  Bummer since the coupons were shown to me on the SAME HOME PAGE right next to each other.  Really poor customer experience in my opinion.  The shipping costs being so high eliminated my entire savings.  If anyone from PB is reading this, I think its ridiculous you are still charging a percentage of the cost of the item for shipping!

Eventually the stars aligned and they sent out a 15% off coupon which coincided with a free shipping promotion on the Daily System components.  Woohoo!  I ordered on Dec 29th.  Unfortunately, I had a lot of issues with the order.

1. One of the packages went missing.  I mentioned that I ordered on December 29th.  On January 1st, I had received shipping notices for all of the packages (the various components came in different packages).  However, on January 7th, I had noticed that one of the package tracking #s still had not had a status update.  The status was still “tracking label created” and the package did not seem like it had left Memphis.  I called PB customer service and they said they would look into it for me.  At the same time, I asked the PB customer service to try to cancel 1 of the components because I realized I had ordered 2 of the letter bins by mistake.  They said they would attempt to cancel it.

3. I called customer service again on January 13th and asked if my package had been found yet, but customer service had no idea.  I was pretty upset and I told them I wanted a replacement to get sent out.  Funny enough, when I got home that day a package was actually waiting for me.  I guess they had sent out the missing pieces after I called them the first time.

4. We got to work trying to install everything but realized that a few of the items had arrived damaged.  This wasn’t due to insufficient packaging — they were damaged before they were even put in the box.  The linen pinboard was completely warped–it did not lay flat on the wall.  Also, one of the mounting rods was really scuffed up.  Since the mounting rods are part of the display, I wanted a replacement.  So I called again on January 20th.  This agent was able to reorder the damaged items for me.  I also inquired about the canceled letter bin and she said she could see the cancellation but not the corresponding refund, so she did the refund for me.

Finally everything arrived last week, the week of January 26th!  A full month after my initial order!  Whew!  What a saga, huh?  While all of the customer service agents were pretty friendly, (the last one even apologized for all the drama), it really shouldn’t have required me to make 3 calls and spend 60 min on the phone with them to make everything right.

Next post I’ll go into a review of the actual daily system.  Funny enough, Pottery Barn is actually doing 20% off all daily systems right now with free shipping!